When we are talking about mini-van, most of people won’t feel strange that it’s original from Japan DAIHATSU MOTOR. About 10 year ago, it is the most common transport vehicles in Beijing, economic, practical and durable. But, mini-van also has the shortage in terms of sitting, limited interior body space. With business growing, even a very low profit businessman will also gain some. Therefore, it’s demanded to replace a new one which has low operation cost, better sitting feeling and large internal body space, that can achieve balance between commercial usage and household usage. Well, SUCCES is just such a car.

Own the appearance of MPV

The appearance of SUCCE is very different from the mini van in our mind. SUCCE is much bigger than mini van. It has a 4.4m length and a wheelbase of nearly 2.7m, which is between the compact-class vehicle and middle-class vehicle.

Owing to the trendy U-shaped design and good-looking intake grille, its front face is very striking, At the sight of the front face of SUCCE, people may think that its price is far more than 70,000~80,000 RMB. The around-view side windows on both sides, modern square tail window and wide central sliding door etc. are design characteristics of MPV.

SUCCE has a perfect appearance, looking good and decent. Obviously, SUCCE as a whole is better than JINBEI which is familiar to us. Just for such a reason, in those days of trial drive, more than 10 people guessed its price, but only one had the correct answer, while prices estimated by others were 30,000 and 60,000 RMB higher than its real price.

Own a wide seating space

SUCCE can hold three rows of seats, i.e., 7 seats at most. The high roof and 7 seats are typical features of MPV, especially the independent seats in the second row, which can provide very comfortable seating conditions for passengers. This is a basic difference between MPV and sedan.

In the market, certain middle-class sedans are usually called as MPV in their advertisements. In fact, accurately speaking, they can be used for commercial purposes but are not MPV at all. It should be remembered that the executive-class sedan and luxurious sedan are better than the middle-class sedan in terms of classification and seating comfort.

A true MPV should be similar to SUCCE. Certainly, SUCCE is the cheapest among those at the same level. SUCCE is lower than JINBEI, JINBEI Grace, Refine, as well as higher-class MPV like TOYOTA HIACE, BENZ Viano and Volkswagen Multivan (T5), etc, in addition to YUMSUN of Zhengzhou Nissan itself.

People who have been once in a MPV will enjoy its wide and separate seat, open view and comfortable seating conditions which can’t be supplied by the sedan; especially in a sedan, the passenger can’t stretch his body freely. Of course, as a cheap MPV, SUCCE cannot be compared with those MPVs with higher price in terms of delicacy and enjoyment; however, at least, it is much better than the mini van. If compared with the sedan, the change from min van to SUCCE is just like from Xiali to COROLLA. It should be noted that in SUCCE there is an air conditioner outlet and an ashtray at the second-row seat, and a separate air-conditioner adjusting knob for the passenger to control the air volume by himself.

Usually, the seats in MPV are adjustable, So is SUCCE. The second-row seats of SUCCE are two separate seats that can be adjusted freely. The third-row seats have the same seating space with the second-row ones, and can be folded to enlarge the luggage space; that’s to say, the rear two rows of seats in SUCCE can be combined in different ways to meet various demands. If necessary, both rows of seats can be removed to form a wide cargo space.

Wide central sliding doors

As a MPV, certain cargo-carriage capacity is required. In SUCCE, doors on both sides are sliding doors, with an opening width of 700mm; the opening height of rear door is 1920mm; the rear trunk is 1395mm long, 1280mm wide and 1280mm high. SUCCE has not only wider and higher doors but also larger interior space than mini van.

Three kinds of interior trimmings (optional)

Compared with traditional mini vans and cheap JINBEI, SUCCE has adopted the complete interior trimmings of the sedan; its interior roof layer is made of velvet, and lining made of non-woven cloth with sound-absorbing materials set all over the car, creating a quiet inner space. Meanwhile, SUCCE has three types of inner trimmings in different colors for your choice, including the economic dark trimmings and the warm dark (upper) and light (lower) trimmings. Obviously, the former is suitable for pure cargo-carriage purposes, while the latter is suitable for household or commercial use.

The style design of instruments and central control in SUCCE is also good. Although not attractive, it looks comfortable, especially the central control console designed specially. Additionally, the storage boxes are provided throughout the car, and this is a human-based character and advantage of SUCCE; but its plastic parts are not as delicate as those in sedans valuing 70,000 to 80,000 RMB. Therefore, the manufacturer should pay more attention to this problem because the first sight at opening the door is very important.

The instrument panel of SUCCE can provide the same visual effects with those of sedans, but better nighttime illumination. Furthermore, it can display a lot of information, such as the unfastened safety belt, unclosed door, total mileage, and two sub-total mileages, etc.

With regard to configuration, in the principle of more economic benefits, SUCCE is provided with some enjoyable equipment, such as central control door lock with remote control, door power windows, antenna in the glass and frontal passenger seat sun visor with vanity mirror. In addition, its audio system has a lot of attractive features, including single-disk CD, SD card insert and USB port with which can satisfy the digital fans.

Pursuing for the most economic benefits in the power

The driveline of SUCCE is sourced from Citroen TU5JP4 and transmission assembly. This system is also used in Picasso, Peugeot 307, Elysee and so on. Its 1.6L engine with 106 horsepower is advanced in technology, enjoying a high market share in China and making it easier and cheaper for users to repair and maintain the car in future.

This engine is equipped with Bosch’s new ME797 electric fuel injection control system, in which the opening of the electric throttle is precisely controlled by the computer, good for saving the fuel. In addition, at the engine speed of 2200rpm, the maximum torque of 142 N.m can be output by 90% to realize the smooth starting and acceleration. Therefore, although the engine looks small, it really makes you feel good. The highest speed sated in the data is 150km/h; however, due to fear of increasingly strict speed testing by the transportation department, it impossible to drive at such a speed.

Through trial drive, the engine of SUCCE, has shown some excellent advantages, especially in economy. To buy a 1.6L vehicle will save half of the purchase tax; the overall fuel consumption is about 7L per 100km, better mini vans with fuel consumption of 5-6L per 100km. Certainly, SUCCE is not as quick as the sedan, but nobody will use a MPV for speed contest. Somebody once asked me whether a 1.6L engine can drive such a big car. In order to prove it, I tested and proved that the 1.6L SUCCE needs 15s to accelerate to 100km/h from 0km/h, and the result is 15s, but most of 1.6L sedans need about 12s. From this, the 1.6L engine in SUCCE can provide a sufficient power but without much margin.

In fact, if you like an economic vehicle, a right power will just do it, and it is unnecessary to demand a high power like North Americans who prefer 6-cylinder or 8-cylinder engine vehicles, but the price of gasoline in their countries is lower in China. As to this point, we should learn the Japanese who are very practical, and in their country it is common to find 0.8L cars in streets.

Fully improved handleability

The traditional economic vans are not very easy for drivers to operate, and even hard for unskilled drivers. But SUCCE is easier to drive because its chassis is originated from the middle-class sedan chassis of Citroen and has a ground clearance of 160mm for its multiple purposes. Moreover, through calibration and adjustment, the whole car becomes very good in stability and easy in operating.

In the chassis, the rear suspension is a torsion beam type semi-independent suspension, which can not only carry 0.6t cargos but also make seating and driving comfortable and easy.

SUCCE is equipped with the hydraulic power steering system which is same as that of sedans of the same class.

In addition, it should be noted that SUCCE chassis has been painted with a layer of anti-rust and anti-stone-bumping coating upon delivery, which can effectively protect the chassis from gravel impact and rust effectively, improve the comfort and increase the service life of the car.


According to the manufacturer’s introduction, SUCCE has passed the collision test. In the 48km/h frontal collision test, SUCCE is proved to meet relevant national regulations without deformation of A-column. In addition, SUCCE is equipped with engine sinkage feature, for example, in case of frontal collision, the engine will sink when the engine compartment space is compressed to its preset value, to prevent the engine from entering into the cab and thus to protect occupants. Moreover, SUCCE’s doors are also provided with side steel beams to ensure the lateral safety.

In respect of the active protection, in addition to ABS and EBD widely installed in modern sedans, SUCCE is also provided with dual safety airbags and reversing radar to strengthen the safety protection.

Overall comments

In those days of trial drive of SUCCE (detailed information, photos, quoted price), passers-by often asked me for the manufacturer and price of SUCCE. I was impressed by a middle-aged man, he said that a car was bought for ourselves. SUCCE is good enough for me because it is very economic and has a big inner space. However, after I uploaded the photos of SUCCE onto the Internet forum, SUCCE was sneered because they think SUCCE is only a minibus with a 1.6L displacement.

In China, it is true that the private cars are not popular enough, people’s car consumption concept is developing, they have little knowledge about cars, and even cannot classify the autos clearly. Due to demands in marketing, the compact-class autos are often called as middle-class, middle-class autos called as senior, and the household multi-purpose autos called as MPV. Furthermore, people prefer to engines with high displacement and horsepower, but don’t like engines with a displacement lower than 1.6L. When talking about low-displacement engines, people think of low horsepower and low speed. From this, others may think that Chinese people are very rich and the gasoline price in China is very low.

However, according to the sales ranking of autos monthly released in recent one to two years, 6-8 among top ten models are economic autos, and half of them have a price of lower than 50,000 RMB. This fact proves that most Chinese are not rich, although China will never save money in various sports meetings. Now most of us can’t afford middle-class autos. The reason why they don’t like small-sized economic MPV is that most people are impractical.

For most people, the core value of auto is a tool used for traveling and transportation, and in the next place, to improve the enjoyment if possible and proper, as Europeans and Japanese. In UK and France, there are many mini two-box autos and vans running on streets, and in Japan, many people choose cars with small engines, even including SUVs with 0.6L engines, which just represents the mature consumption concepts of people in these countries. As a matter of fact, such products are also available in our country, for example, SUCCE. It is a new city MPV supplied by Zhengzhou Nissan, and I consider it a economic superior multi-purpose car.

SUCCE is an economic multi-purpose van used to carry either passengers or cargos and with low purchase and operation cost, sedan-like seating comfort and wide inner space. Just for the above reason, it is very suitable for common businessmen to pick up guests and carry cargo, and also suitable for those people with ordinary income who desire for multiple purposes but don’t satisfy the small space of sedan. After all, Zhengzhou Nissan owns more than 160 Class I dealers, more than 600 Class II dealers and more than 400 after-sales service network points, plus a 60,000km warranty term, all of which are reasons for customers to choose SUCCE.